Greystones Seaview Townhouse

This large bedroom had beautiful high ceilings and a view of the sea, but a lot of unused space. The homeowners wanted to ensure the room functioned well, made the most of its views, and was brimming with cosiness and comfort. Balancing vibrancy and restfulness was key.

Custom joinery separates the room into two main areas; one very calming space overlooking the terrace and behind the bed, a functional dressing area. Paint was banded as far as the top of the doors to help the room feel more snug, and custom Elisa Pacino tiles were commissioned, which line the window to the right of the terrace doors. On shelves there are busts made by the homeowner’s sculptor grandmother.

The yellow velvet bed was custom-made to be soft, enveloping and squishy, countering some of the harder angles in the room. Above the bed is a custom Floor Story rug in a new colourway, and an abstract art piece by Sophie Asselin by the terrace door adds further softness and warmth. Sunshine yellows and pastel ice-cream tones across textiles, tiles and art combine to create a serene space that manages to be both restful and uplifting.

Project Type: Design Managed
Location: Wicklow
Description: Main bedroom

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