Lisbon Tiled Apartment

With one previous lady owner, this 45 square-metre Lisbon apartment had charm in spades, but required modernisation throughout. During a full renovation, this small space was reconfigured for how we live now, with one eye constantly on the character of the building and its city. The home’s colour palette was taken from the original blue and white Azuléjos tiles, and the interior was designed to both work within, and accentuate, the building’s original architectural features.

Specifically, a space-wasting corridor and old cloakroom were reduced and removed to make way for a contemporary bathroom that makes the most of the apartment’s internal pillars and curves. The old bathroom is now the living room, while the kitchen was moved into the middle of the apartment, where a central wooden cube contains kitchen storage and large appliances on the one side, and living room items like the TV and bookshelves on the other side. Aesthetically, it streamlines the connection between the lounge and kitchen, and facilitates a serene and clutter-free living space.

Project Type: Design Managed
Location: Portugal
Description: 1940s apartment

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